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Saree Desire

Every Indian girl has a special place for saree in her heart. I started loving sarees since I was a little girl. As a kid, I always got scolded by ma for raiding her closet and trying on her favourite pieces of nine yards. I could not help it for I wanted to look like her, elegant and beautiful . Lately, I have started collecting sarees and eagerly wait for occasions where I can wear them. Fun fact, even after having a good number of sarees of my own, I still strongly feel that my ma's sarees are way better than mine and I end up wearing her sarees in most occasions .

I started dancing when I was three and a half years old . As I have always been an Indian classical dancer, wearing sarees during dance performances was a must for me. Now, you know why I share an old yet special bond with sarees. So, I decided to dedicate a post to my love for sarees.

Saree - Kerala. Accessories - Betee, Clover centre, Pune.

Photos - Biswaroop Sarkar

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know what is your saree story. I love you guys. XO.

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