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A Day at VLCC Ever Youthful Campaign

Hello everyone! How are you guys? Recently, I was invited by VLCC India to be part of their new Ever youthful ( #GetFitWithVLCC) campaign. Known for its weight loss solutions, VLCC through this campaign launches some amazing skin- problem solutions in combination with slimming sessions where a person not only gets to benefit from their amazing new products containing Vit. A, VitC, etc which is awesome for your skin but also gets to reduce fat almost instantly through the slimming sessions . I wanted you guys to be a part of this beautiful experience, so, enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed this post. The details of VLCC India are below. I love you guys,XO.

Thankyou VLCC India for this amazing experience.

VLCC India https://vlccwellness.com/ # GetFitWithVLCC

I went to VLCC Pune (Magarpatta).The details are below. Address Unit No T 20 & 24 Destination Centre, Magarpatta , Pune - 411028

Outfit I was wearing Dress- ZARA Footwear - H&M

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