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Being the girly girl I am, ruffles and embroidery together are my dream combination. I am all about vintage, princessy vibes. I just love the whole theme that comes to light with the magic of ruffles and embroidery, don't you?

Ruffles and embroidery are the two most prominent varieties in the fashion world today. These two together just can make magic happen in so many incredible ways. As I love playing princess in an old school way, I definitely chose to create something which had grace and vintage written all over it, hence, this look.

This was such an easy yet beautiful look that I created which definitely has my most favourite elements of fashion in it, ruffles, embroidery, touch of pearl and embellishments of rhinestone.

I chose a beautiful white ruffled shirt from KOOVS which originally had a bralette attached to it . I separated the bralette from the white shirt and then paired it with a beautiful black dress with rose embroidery from SHEIN . To jazz things up, I decided to go for my cute pink shoes . To complete the look, I definitely had to accessorise with a pretty pearl bracelet and a beautiful head band.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, I love you guys so much, XOXO.

White shirt - Koovs, Black dress - Shein, Accessories - 20 Dresses, Pink Shoes - BK, Kolkata

Photos - Mayur Shedge

Instagram @mayurshedgephotography

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