Playing Princess with Triveni Ethnics

I love fairytales. I would always be lost in stories of princesses which my grandma used to tell me. While growing up, I would secrectly dress up and imagine myself to be a princess. Well, time flew by so fast and I grew up. That desire of being a princess was somewhere lost in me until recently when it was brought to life by the amazing brand , Triveni Ethnics.

I was fortunate enough to receive this beautiful ethnic long kurti from them. The glimpse of which instantly lifts up my mood. Not only was I blown away by the colour of the kurti but was surprized by the fit. It fits me like a dream. The day I wore this beautiful piece, I felt no less than a royal princess. This piece is definitely a headturner for I surely made some heads turn at me ,that day. The color is a pretty royal shade of maroon red, the fabric is so fine, the golden sequin borden, the royal blue piping and the elegent cut at the neckline is perfect in everyway. More than anything else, the comfort is awesome . I literally spent half of the day in this dress and did not really feel any discomfort. You too can find some amazing ethnic pieces including this one at Triveni Ethnics at really affordable price.

I will definitely be shopping for more traditional outfits from them, soon for they have such a great variety of products. Kurtis, lahenga, gowns, sarees, accessories, men's wear, kid's wear, you name it and they have it all. Thankyou, Triveni Ethnics for letting me be the princess of my dream. I can not wait to wear this outfit more often. You guys can tell that I am absolutely in love this outfit.

I hope that you enjoyed today's post. The details and links to shop at Triveni Ethnics are below. I love you guys so much. XOXO.

Photos Biswaroop Sarkar

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