Singing Sarees with Suta

My love for saree is eternal. To me, a saree can bring out the creative goddess in you. How? The way every woman styles a saree in her own unique way reflects her style mantra. It is her way of speaking her mind. A saree to me is an inspiration which makes every woman out there aspire to inspire others in terms of grace,style and presence. Sharing similar beliefs, two beautiful creative souls, Sujata and Taniya gave shape to their creative thoughts in 2015 and Suta was born. Suta, like its meaning, thread ties together tradition and contemporaneity. Sarees of Suta through their fresh designs celebrates womanhood.

This particular beautiful mul cotton in coral and grey has not only made a room in my closet but also my heart. The fact that it is handmade with pure love makes the saree so special. I will not be lying if I say that I have not seen a saree so soft and so comfortable. It hugged by body so well as if to tell me we were meant to be together.

The simplicity of the design, the raw texture and the absolute contrasting colours made me fall in love with the saree. The design without a doubt is a tribute to the multitasker woman of today, a woman who is confident, bold,strong yet knows and values her roots, who loves, who respects, is graceful and is above all, a creator.

Suta offers some amazing and beautiful designs of sarees which has definitely blown my mind. I am most definitely going to explore suta more often from now for I loved wearing this saree. I am sharing all the details related to Suta below because I know, you guys too want to experience pure awesomeness .

I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I did writing it. I love you guys so much. Do what you love because you can, you always can. XOXO.

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