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Perfumes are the cocktails of memories and emotions. Ever found your eyes dancing in search of somebody when your senses discover a similar fragrance? I already hear all the yeses! The very word perfume defines elegance, class, mood and of course, your presence. But what about the cliched notions of perfumes being expensive ? Na, not anymore for Perfumebooth (India) is here to break all such barriers and change the perfume game with its all new 'Perfume selfie' concept.

Perfumebooth lets you sense and help you find your own perfume through its perfume selfie which comes in a lovely packaging containing 7 international (4ml) sample perfumes, a perfume case and a Rs 501 gift card to be redeemed with your next purchase of a full size bottle. So, the very concept of perfume selfie is to let you choose the kind of perfume that suits your mood. This particular way is not only letting you experiment but also letting you find yourself. Being one of its kind in the world, perfumebooth has become the talk of the town for this lovely perfume selfie concept.

Being a Parisian soul, an eteranl romantic, a fan of classics, I had to choose the variant, 'Lurve'(woman) from the many variants of the perfume selfies, the perfumebooth has to offer. I love all things pink, and the beauty of the packaging made me go gaga over it. It is such a stunner and the design is an absolute fit for travel and I love it. Inside the box ,I found my 7 lovely perfumes each neatly placed and waiting for me to be loved.

The Lomani Sensual having notes of ylang ylang , vanilla and musk is my absolute favourite and I just cant wait to order the full size of this one.This is feminine, sensual and extremely me.

I am sharing the images of the full size of the products so that you can get an idea of how beautiful these bottles look.

The Creation pour femme is a mix of soft and subtle fragrance. It has fruity floral fragrance but also has a magic of sensuality in it, another handbag staple of mine.

This next one, Lady Presidente, Emper is such a subtle fragrance. I kid you not when I say I have not known a perfume this different. This has fruity floral fragrance but is different than any regular ones. This has a strong fragrance but with a hint of fruity-floral feel good fragrance. Definitely a kind to win board room games.

Emper Chifon is such a lovely scent. Everytime, I sniff , it paints a happy picture of spring summer days , of colours and joy, this is definitely a go to for me.

Louis Carden Gold, is such a fresh and soothing smell which for some reason gives me a positive vibes. The warm touch of orange, vanilla, saffron and cloves creates magic and gives me immense confidence.

Viveca,Maryaj for me is a perfume that has date night written all over it. The fresh and strong scent is just love. A perfect fragrance to feel young , vibrant and charming.

The last but not the least is True reflections, Chris Adams. It is something which any woman out there would love. A fragrance which can win over hearts and create beautiful memories. With profound aroma of blackcurrent and pomegranate with love of rose and twist of lemon, this perfume is definitely meant for romance. I am totally in love with this.

The cute perfume case, perfume selfie is such a nice idea to carry around the perfume of your choice and of course has become a staple in my handbag.

Perfumebooth has a wide range of perfume selfie variants to choose from at such affordable price(Rs 475, 7x4ml =28ml). They cater to your different moods and styles. They have something for every men and women out there, something to make people remember you through your fragrance.

I am dreaming and meditating at the same time. All thanks to perfumebooth for creating such a lovely idea of perfume selfie. I am all set to get my hands on the perfume of my choice. Let me tell you a secret ,as I love them all, I might end up getting the full sizes of them all.

I know you guys love this post. I know you too want your perfume selfie, so, I am sharing all the details of perfumebooth down below. I love you guys so much, XO.


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