Celebrating uniqueness with anokherang

Gone are those days when ethnics were just restricted to certain occasions . Now, is the time to wear your ethnics just the way you want and the place you like. As most of you must be knowing, when it comes to style and fashion, I believe in setting my own rules. I feel style is very personal and one must celebrate one's own style. Believing in the mantra of celebrating You and thus loving yourself just the way you are, Anokherang aspires to kindle one's sense of style and fashion. Anokherang brings out the true potential of the basic yet subtle designs which not only cater to special occasions but are meant for any and every 'rang' of your life.

I love colours. I love red, blue, yellow but I always tend to gravitate towards subtle colours like the one I am wearing here. I feel it is an important task to identify and experiment with different colours because it makes fashion more intriguing and fun of course. Anokherang does this job for you. It has brights , basics and subtle colours for you. This beautiful kurti because of its colour and modern design can be worn for office, casual outings or even special occasions. The straight cut of the kurti with the smart white straight pants gives the ensemble a modern look. Anokherang with its 'anokhe' designs definitely caters to the needs of a multitasker.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Do not forget to celebrate your 'anokha' nature and style . I know you guys are all set to checkout anokherang for some subtle yet beautiful designs. I love you guys so much, XOXO.

Photos Biswaroop Sarkar


Instagram @anokherang

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