Weaving Dreams With Shoonya

We love our traditions and we also love contemporaneity. But what we love the most is a blend of both, do not we? Indo -western designs are everything as these are reflections of the very Indian roots and our interest towards adapting international designs and ultimately blending them to get an essence of something new yet traditional. Imbibed on a thought to refresh banarasi craftsmanship and weaves , Shoonya is redefining the indo-western designs with its fabrics , colours and designs.

Personally, I do have a soft corner for Indo -western designs but when it comes to picking or pairing the right kind of design , I am quite a choosy . But surprisingly, this beautiful piece from Shoonya has won my heart. The beautiful vibrant pink kurta has this beige dupatta already attached to it in a manner which looks really striking and pleasing to the eyes and of course is easy to handle. Lets be very honest, handling a dupatta can be quite a task for me so this very design gets that job done for me.

The pretty pink colour of the kurta is the reason behind that smile as you know I love pink, haha. The tassels at the end of the dupatta and the gorgeous work at the border ad the pink lining brings out the beige against the contrasting pink in such a nice way. The best part about this design is you can wear it in more than one occasions , office, party, weddings, the list is quite big.

I must say, I love the designs which Shoonya creates and can not wait to try more of their designs. The best part is their amazing vision to not only bring out beautiful designs but also cater to our handloom industry and upliftment of the weaver's community.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I am leaving all the details of Shoonya below for you guys to shop your heart out. I love you guys, XOXO.

Photos Biswaroop Sarkar


Instagram @shoonya.online

Mobile 9999033981

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