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How many of us, girls have had the painful experience of not using the washroom almost an entire day only to avoid the unhygienic conditions of a public toilet? But doing so, is harming our bodies the most. So, what to do? The solution to this everyday problem is PEE -BUDDY, a revolutionary product for women which gives us the freedom to stand and pee.

Uninary Tract Infection(UTI) is the most common enemy of ours and it seems to have made most of us it's victims and we know the tremendous pain it inflicts. But avoiding the washroom for long hours when we are outdoors is not the answer as it affects the cycle of the body and in turn causes difficulties and abnormalities in our body. With Pee- Buddy things seem to be so much easier now. This is indeed revolution! Who would have thought, the dirty toilet seats which are breeding grounds of bacteria and germs , which we girls are often forced to use, we do not have to use anymore because we can now Stand and Pee!

The packaging is really simple and user friendly. The product retails for just Rs30/- which itself is a message to all women out there that women from any part of the society can use it. The design is sheer genius to invent such a product. The product is made from coated paper(waterproof) , effective for using it in public toilets and thus discarding it after one use which is hassle free and easy.

All in all I think this product is a must have for all women for we do have more than one reason to use it. Joint pains, pregnancy, long drives, outdoor work, fun time with friends, long hours of number crunching, never ending college hours, office hours, party, date, picnic, vacation, holidays, the list is endless! The good thing about this is you can throw it in your purse and you donot have to flinch from public toilets now! So, ladies now we have a new buddy to solve our everyday toilet problem.

I hope you guys liked this post. I want all my girls to be safe from UTI, so, I am leaving the details of Pee Buddy below. I love you guys so much,XOXO.

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Pee Buddy

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