For a Fairy tale with Kazo

I am a girl with an immense love for fairy tale and fashion. I am sure most of you girls are too. But ever imagined what the two combined can do? Yes, Kazo made it happen. Kazo brought fairy tale to life through fashion, that is their 'La Fiaba', Fall - Winter 2017 Collection.

Through the La Fiaba (the Italian for fairy tale) Collection, Kazo has wonderfully captured the Italian essence of romance and sensuality . The fashion collection rightly blends the past with the present, the modernisation of a fairy tale which not only gives a sense of nostalgia but has the right amount of contemporaneity to it. The collection shows an effortless transition from fall to winter with the beautiful choice of colours and patterns. The fusion of retro dandy chic with an incense of florals, geometric lines and complementing metal trims make the fashion pieces of this collection, every modern woman's wardrobe essential .

I have put together two looks from the La Fiaba Collection for you guys and have let my creative juices flow so as to bring out a perfect, my kind of fairy tale situation in front of you.

For the first look, I was inspired by this beautiful short black skater dress which had hints of metallic and sequins all over it. This is such a beautiful piece on its own but to spice things up a little, I have paired a beautiful statement neckpiece from the collection with it. The dress with the beautiful background gives the perfect scene a fairy tale could have. This dress would be the perfect go-to dress for party and believe you me, this is a head turner.

For the next look , I have put together a beige coloured off - shoulder top with a pair of black jeggings.

The top is so pretty , the colour and the right cut make it a perfect choice of style. I fell for the beautiful sequin projections on the sleeves which made the top look really attractive. The jeggings had heavy sequin lining going all the way down which made me fall instantly in love with it. Together this combination really gave me runway vibes.

I felt the look was incomplete without a fashion accessory. So, I added this beautiful gold clutch bag from the collection. The beauty of this bag is that on one side, it has this beautiful gold sequin with a lovely big bow and on the other side, it has an amazing off white lace detail. I personally love the way this look turned out.

As you can tell, I am loving the Fall Winter Collection from Kazo and I am still in a Fairy tale world and of course refuse to come out of it. I am sure you love the post. You can check the entire 'La Fiaba' collection of Kazo on my youtube channel the link of which is given below. I love you guys so much. XO.


Falguni P Bagchi


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