Relishing the cold with ST. D'VENCE

Hello everyone. I hope all of you are enjoying the colder days as much as I am. The only problem which stops us from embracing the colder months is dry flaky skin, right? Well, your problem of dry skin during colder months ends here.

ST. D'VENCE Team has been kind enough to send me their newest launch, an ultra-enriching body lotion (Autumn Edition) for my honest review. I am thankful to the entire team for sending the product to me but my review regarding the product is completely unbiased.

The product comes in a good quality transparent plastic packaging with a flip top opening through which the product is visible from outside. The details regarding the product are mentioned around the walls of the bottle.

At the front, the packaging says that it is a moisturiser with argan oil, avocado butter, olive oil and vitamin E meant for dry to very dry skin. The product retails for Rs275 and is available on amazon.

At the back of the bottle, one can see the details of all the ingredients which are involved in making the product. The packaging also says that the product is free from parabens, mineral oil or harmful chemicals. It says it is vegan with highly premium botanical and essential oils.

The product is a white coloured cream/moisturiser with a strong fragrance . The product is light on the skin and has a cooling effect to it. It can be easily applied and spreads effortlessly into the skin and leaves a shine on the skin after application. The skin feels healthy and moisturised instantly after the application.

Do I recommend? Oh yes, I do! I definitely have some good things to say about the product. Firstly, the packaging is light and convenient to travel with . Coming to the product, it does what it says. It is definitely a boon for dry skin girls like me who struggle with flaky and dry skin in colder months. I love how the product immediately hydrates the skin after application and leaves a healthy glow to it. The best thing is the product is smooth and non sticky and locks the moisture into the skin for a long time. I would say the price point is not too much considering the ingredients used and the result it gives to the skin. Only thing I don't like about the product is the strong fragrance but then that is a matter of preference because I am not a big fan of strong fragrance . All in all, I love the product, a must try for all my dry skin girls out there.

I hope you guys enjoyed the post. XO.

You can get ST. D'VENCE


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