Pretty In Animal Print

The countdown has started ! 2017 will soon make way for 2018. But before we welcome the new year, would not you want to know which trend is coming with us to 2018? It is the animal print !

Animal prints are one of the many fashion trends which make a comeback every now and then. The beginning of this year did not see much of this trend but now that we have entered almost the last month of the year we certainly see some dominance by this beautiful trend.

The best thing about animal prints are they do not go out of fashion ever. So, if you are someone who loves animal print and own animal printed cloths , do not fear or ever get rid of them. They might play hide and seek over time but are expected to always show up as a trendy fashion staple in the most unexpected way.

Here, I have styled a green leopard printed shirt with a pair of lemon yellow trousers . I could not resist the urge of adding more animal print to my outfit, so, I added this catwalk animal printed wedges to the ensemble. It was quite a sunny morning , so , I got every reason to wear one of my favourite sunglasses from United Colors Of Benetton.

I am very impressed with the overall look. I am most definitely looking forward to wear the 'animal print' trend in the coming year.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I love you guys. XO.

Shirt - Koovs. Trousers - Cottonworld. Sunglasses - United Colors Of Benetton. Earrings - Shein

Photos - Biswaroop Sarkar

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