How to find Your Personal Style?

Fashion and style are very personal entities. In the world of so many choices, we are often forced to adapt styles only because the rest of the world seem to follow that trend. But by making such choices we tend to loose our niche, one's own idea of fashion and style. It's time to ponder upon your own idea of fashion and give shape to what you think is in vogue rather than what the world says is in vogue.

I love everything Vintage! I have always been inclined to classics and have a soft spot for vintage fashion. Does that mean I am taking a step backward while the world is moving forward? No! The world has enormous styles and trends and is big enough to give you your space , you just have to say you want yours.

How would you find your style? Well, it's within you, already, you just have to bring it to light. Take your time to reflect upon the fashion choices you really love to make, styles you naturally feel inclined towards and voila,you have found your very own fashion niche!

-It's very important to understand your body, your shape . This would help you bring out the best in you.

-Stop getting distracted by Celebrity styles and start to find your own.

-Invest in clothes which you know you will wear more .

-Don't spend fortunes going after trends.

-Understand what makes you comfortable.

-Get rid of clothes which are sitting in your closet and are untouched for sometime now.

-Invest in choices which you actually love.

-Most importantly do not forget to wear your confidence with your style.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Always keep it sylish! XO.


Biswaroop Sarkar

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