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If you have been following me on my Youtube channel for some time now, you would know my love for makeup . I love finding and testing out new makeup products . I thought of bringing my love for makeup to my blog, this time with Olivia Cosmetics.

Olivia Cosmetics have been kind enough to send me their products to me and give my honest review to you guys. I am thankful to Olivia for this sweet gesture and love. Olivia is a vegan makeup brand and its products are manufactured in India.

I received some amazing makeup goodies to try out

-Makeup Stick (Instant Waterproof)

-Powder Compact (Oil Free)

First let's talk about the Liquid Foundation. Olivia sent me the shade, 2,Natural Glow . The foundation has a strong perfume scent and has a sheer to medium buildable covergae. The staying power of the foundation is pretty impressive and blends nicely to the skin. The bottle has 28ml of the product.

The price for this product is Rs 100 which I must say is a pretty impressive price for a foundation. The frosted bottle packaging with a good quality plastic top prevents any kind of leakage. I would say it is a really good product.

Next in line is the Instant Waterproof Makeup Stick with SPF 12. I received two shades, 03, Natural and 05, Touch and Glow. It comes in this plastic twist up packaging . The quantity, 15g is decent for a price of Rs 120. I am truely impressed with this stick. It is a medium to full coverage product and can be used both as a concealer and a foundation. The fact that it has SPF in it makes it a good product. The product is quite thick and stays on for long on the skin. Highly recommend this beauty.

Last but not the least is the Powder compact. I received two shades, 02 Natural Beige and 03 Natural Peach. The packaging is this really pretty purple plastic case which as you can tell I am in love with. It has a mirror attached and a sponge applicator above the product which makes it more convenient to use. The packaging has 15g of the product. The powder is finely milled with the same fine fragrance as that of the other two products. Priced at Rs 100 this compact is light weight and good for keeping your liquid ad cream products in place and great for touch ups. This however has a matte finish which is a yay for it helps prevent your face from looking shiny or oily.

All in all, I would say, these are some pretty awesome products from Olivia Cosmetics for the wonderful price you pay. Specially for my girls on a budget and my beauty and makeup lovers, these are worth giving a try.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Definitely checkout Olivia Cosmetics and tell me which of their amazing products you like or have tried. I love you guys, XO.

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