Happy Valentine's !

Love does not need a date or a day , so, why make Valentine's Day so special? The question is why not? It's good to have a day out of those 365 days to dedicate to LOVE.

Love is a great feeling and plays a very special role in one's life but what's more important is to express it, to show it and shower it . While it's great to show and shower love throughout the year making each day special, Valentine's a great opportunity to make that certain someone in your life feel extra special on a day specially dedicated to Love.

Love has no rules, no name and no form . This Valentines, celebrate love your own unique way. Celebrate your Love for life, a certain someone, your family, friends and most importantly yourself.

You absolutely don't need a reason to love yourself. So, this Valentines instead of waiting for anybody else to make you feel good , make some efforts to make your soul smile at you. Pamper yourself , dance your heart out, savour the taste of those Belgian chocolates you like, get some flowers for yourself, splurge on that dress that has been waiting in your shopping cart for ages , take a break from work, go out or enjoy at home, just be in love!

In the present world of so much hate and destruction and animosity let us together sow the seeds of love in the hope of a golden harvest called peace. Let love guide us towards light.

They say the colour of Love is red, I say Love has all the colours. A quick fashion inspiration for your Valentine's outfit would be white for it has all the colours of love in it.

Let's talk fashion now. I love the idea of a subtle beautiful floral printed white maxi dress for Valentines rather than the usual reds. It's so different and pretty at the same time. It screams spring and certainly would look great against every skin tone. You guys know I like to keep my looks simple yet classy. So the maxi dress and beachy waves of my hair make the perfect Valentine pair. I would love for you guys to recreate this look.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Celebrate Valentine's Day with love and for love. I love you so much, XO.

Dress - Cover Story

Photos - Biswaroop Sarkar & Sankhadeep Ghosh

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