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They say language is the dress of thought. I say fashion speaks my mind. In fact ,I think most of us express ourselves through fashion and style. Don’t we?

While browsing through my favourite shopping site, Zara, I found this amazing white dress with pink flowers and immediately bought it. You can say this blog post is kind of inspired by this dress.

Now, coming back to our discussion on the language called fashion. If you take the example of this very dress and how I have styled it with minimal accessories, you can get a sense of my style and I bet some of you who are good at understanding personalities might even take a wild guess about my personality without having me to say anything! Isn’t it amazing?

We dress up every day just the way we want ,incorporating our very own idea of style in each of our looks. It is infact our way of communicating with the world without uttering a word. Some of us like pink others don’t. The fact that we like something over other gives us a clarity of the kind of style we love.

Fashion and style are two important weapons which you have . We use it unknowingly every other second. As a fashion blogger, fashion has helped me understand myself better. It has made me more comfortable, confident and creative. It inspires me to be the best version of myself. I am grateful for discovering my love for fashion . It indeed is my passion!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I love you guys, XOXO.

Outfit - ZARA


Biswaroop Sarkar

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