How to be fashionable

The power of fashion is incredible . It lets you be the best version of yourself . Now, the question is how to be fashionable? The answer is simpler than you would expect. Be you!

It's important that you feel fashionable before you want to be fashionable. Always feel confident in what you are wearing. Never hesitate to try some new trend in fear of what others might say.

Trends are important in a way. But you always don't have to fall for every trend out there. Every season there would be some trends born out of runway, some edgy and some quirky and some fashion forward. Trends and styles help you evolve, experiment and lets you be creative with fashion.

I came up with this look which has so many of the current trends yet it is so me. I love pink so I have played with shades close to pink. I love pleats and bell sleeves , always have. The ribbed flare trousers are a perfect contrast to the pink dress which I have worn as a top here.

To accessorise I have worn this marble and gold detailed choker, my favourite pair of cat eye sunglasses and this oh so in trend, clear vinyl bag.

Lets talk more about this bag trend. Clear bags are very much in trend. But they are not everyone's favourite. I had a mixed feeling about it too until I tried it. Now, I am absolutely in love!

So, the best way to be fashionable is to play with trends and incorporate them in your look in your own stylish way. And yes don't forget to wear your favourite accessory, your smile!

Dress & pants -ZARA, Choker & Bag - Shein , Sunglasses - ZARA


Biswaroop Sarkar

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