Snakeskin,the New Animal Print Taking Over Instagram

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing fine.Today we are going to be talking about the biggest trend of 2018, Snakeskin.

This trend is the new animal print that is taking over the fashion world. It's literally everywhere on Instagram! So, what do I think about this , do I like it? Let's find out.

Initially when this trend was spreading its wings, I had a mixed reaction. As much as I love experimenting with new fashion trends, I was not sure about this one. I still had my reservations. I still had a soft corner for leopard prints and was not ready to add a new kind of animal print to my closet.

Then, why this post? Well, things changed. I started browsing through pictures on Instagram , shopping-websites, Pinterest and was blown away by how beautifully people have incorporated this trend in their lives, right from shirts, skirts, trousers to boots and even phone covers ! Suddenly, everything had snakeskin pattern. This trend has so many patterns, colours and style, so many options!

It's not the pressure from fashion world but the endless possibilities to style this trend made me embrace it. I wouldn't lie , I still prefer leopard print over this. But, I wanted to style it before it looses it's charm.

I didn't go too crazy and made sure to merge it well with my style. I didn't want it to look too stark . So, here's how I styled it. I think I have done a pretty descent job. What do you think? Let me know.

In the end, I would like to tell you, it's not necessary to follow every trend. At the same time, you don't need to hesitate to try something new in fear of looking odd. I tried a new trend and see, now, I am loving it.

I love you guys, XO.

Snakeskin top -ZARA Skirt - Shein Boots - Thrifted


Biswaroop Sarkar

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