Prepossessing Pondicherry

I can't believe, we are sitting in 2019 already and this is officially my first post of the year. Happy New Year guys! 2019 has started on a rather good note because your girl made it to the beautiful Pondicherry!

On a cold, early January morning , we left for Pondicherry. Bangalore to Pondicherry drive can be quite the cocktail of bumpy roads and smooth highways. But boy, I enjoyed every bit of it.

Paradise beach is the one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen. If you ever visit Pondi, do not miss this place. The blue of the ocean, the green flora completely binds you with a magical spell from which you wouldn't really feel like coming out. I fell in love with this place, so much so that for a fleeting moment, I considered staying here, forever!

This beach truly is Paradise for it is so clean, so serene and so very peaceful.

Speaking of beaches, the Promenade beach or the oh so popular Rock beach is a treat to the sore eyes. The dancing of the waves is a spectacular sight. I could listen to the sound of the ocean for hours at a stretch if time were not a factor. I love how the beauty of nature captures us with its glory. Standing in front of the vast blue made me realise how blessed I am to have a beautiful life.

Right next to the rock beach is the beautiful White Town. It looks no less than a picture. Everything is so clean and pretty! The architecture definitely has got a French touch to it. Every nook and corner is instagrammable! I was very happy to locate the Aurobindo Ashram in the town . This place definitely had a lot to offer to one's soul.

My Pondicherry trip definitely gave a perfect start to the year. Don't know if it was the beach, the food , the pretty town or the amazing company of my friends that made this trip so memorable. I just can't wait to come back here. Pondicherry, you have my heart!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I love you guys! XO.

Top- Shein. Skirt - H&M. Bag & Shoes - Forever 21. Sunglasses- Ted Smith


Biswaroop Sarkar

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