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As modern women, we are constantly balancing two worlds at a time. We are fierce, ambitious, unstoppable in the outside world and at the same time we take care of our home and family. In doing so, we often forget to take care of ourselves. Who will take care of us, if not we ourselves ? I have the perfect solution to this, Truebasics ,Multivit WomenSpecialized nutrition for modern women, vitamins specially meant for taking care of your body and skin.

Truebasics , Multivit Women is a unique blend of 40 essential nutrients, especially formulated with nutrients and herbal extracts that improve overall women health and wellness.

It is great for your skin, body, joints, boosts immunity and provides much needed energy .

It comes in a simple packaging which has a bottle inside it. You get 90 vitamin tablets for Rs1699.


  • 100% RDA of 23 Vitamins and Minerals to support modern-day lifestyle

  • Antioxidant Blend: Astaxanthin, Grape Seed Extract, Pomegranate, Bilberry extracts

  • Skin and Beauty Blend: Centellin®, Lycopene, Green Tea, Soy Isoflavones

  • Women’s Wellness Blend: Actaea racemosa, Asparagus, Licorice, and Lutemax 2020

  • ®Bone & Joint Blend: Acticissus®, CurcuWIN®, L-arginine

  • Clinically Researched Ingredients: Acticissus®, CurcuWIN®, Centellin®, and Lutemax 2020®

Truebasics Multivit Women is developed by highly qualified food scientists and nutrition experts, TrueBasics Multivit Women provides a blend of key nutrients that boost energy, enhance immunity and improve stamina.


Once a day after breakfast.

These tablets are vegetarian, Non-GMO, Gluten free.

It may occur to you why is it important to incorporate this in your life?

The answer is simple. It takes care of your body in more than one ways.

Inadequate food intake and overconsumption of junk food leads to depletion of essential nutrients in the body.

A balanced and varied diet is the best source of essential vitamins and minerals. However, nutrient deficiencies occur frequently, even in women that have the means to procure nutrient rich foods, let alone at-risk populations who have neither the means nor the access. Hectic lifestyle in the modern-day has increased reliance on easily available junk and unhealthy food, which leads to an imbalance of essential nutrients in the body.Insufficient nutrition in diet and unhealthy lifestyle leads to physical and mental stress.Stress affects the lives of all working women, irrespective of their occupation. Psychological stress has a deleterious effect on a person’s physical as well as mental health. Cognitive dysfunction, dementia, and excessive fatigue are common outcomes of stress. One of the identifies reasons for stress is lack of nutrition and unhealthy lifestyle.A large number of studies link occupational stress to significant health problems such as musculoskeletal disorders, cardiovascular disease, anxiety, depression, and insomnia.As the age progresses, slower body metabolism in women leads to improper absorption of food and nutrients.

Nutritional wellbeing among women is critical for maintaining health, increasing longevity, and decreasing the impact of chronic illness. However, ageing affects nutrition intake in several ways. It starts with diminishing taste and smell and deteriorating teeth that limits food choices. Further, gastrointestinal changes reduce absorption of nutrients in the body and decrease appetite.

All these problems can be taken care of with TrueBasics Multivit Women. It will rejuvenate your skin, mind and body.

Vitamins and minerals release essential antioxidants and enzymes that help boost immunity.

Our immunity plays a vital role in our wellbeing and the way we perform our daily chores. Different vitamins and minerals work in tandem to support different functions in the body and keep illnesses at bay.Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and isoflavones improve skin radiance and delay signs of ageing.Vitamins, Minerals & Isoflavones improve skin health by increasing the epidermal and dermal skin thickness and increasing the quantity of proteins produced in the skin. They also help slow down the process of ageing in middle-aged women.Certain herbal extracts and amino acids alleviate pain and inflammation-related symptoms in the joints. Cissus, a potent herbal extract, has significant bone mineralization potential. Curcumin helps reduce pain and inflammation in the joints. L-arginine, an amino acid, helps in production of hormones and proteins that enhance bone formation.Vitamins act as catalysts that regulate brain and body for energy storage and release.Vitamins and minerals, play an important role in energy metabolism by providing enzymes that regulate energy release and storage.

Let me tell you why this vitamin is subtle and unique.

Truebasics Multivit Women is made with some powerful ingredients which together ultimately helps in making your body stronger and healthier.

Vitamin and Mineral Blend

Boosts energy, enhances immunity, and improves bone and muscle health

A unique blend of 23 essential vitamins and minerals, providing the 100% recommended dietary allowance of essential micronutrients.

  • Vitamins B1, B2, B3, and B5 and minerals play an essential role in mitochondrial function, which regulates energy production in the cells of our body.

  • Micronutrients such as vitamins A, C, D, E, B2, B6, and B12, and folic acid, iron, selenium, and zinc help in improving immunity.

  • Minerals modulate enzyme activity, which helps them function properly and meet the various physiological needs of the cell.

  • Optimal vitamin K intake increases bone mass.

  • Chromium reduces insulin resistance and regulates blood sugar.

Antioxidant Blend

Recycles body's natural antioxidant system, helps manage lifestyle diseases, and improves overall health

A powerful blend with potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory

  • Antioxidants like Pomegranate, Blueberry, Grape Seed Extracts and Astaxanthin fight against the free radicals that are detrimental for the cells.

  • Pomegranate and Bilberry’s antioxidant properties further reduce oxidative stress in the body.

  • Astaxanthin’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects help in managing lifestyle-related diseases and improving health.

  • Grape Extracts are ideal for dietary supplementation as they also have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

Skin and Beauty Blend

Prevents skin ageing and improves radiance

A potent combination of isoflavones, carotenoids, and green tea and herbal extracts.

  • Isoflavones prevent skin ageing and enhance production of skin proteins.

  • Centella asiatica, a medicinal herb, has effective anti-photoaging qualities, which protect the skin from the harmful effects of UV radiations.

  • As a potent carotenoid, Lycopene improves skin tone, firmness, and protection.

  • Green tea is a source of plant polyphenols that exhibit significant antioxidant and immunomodulatory effects in protecting the skin.

Women's Wellness Blend

Provides various health benefits for women

A combination of medicinal plants and carotenoids that are beneficial for women health.

  • Vitex agnus-castus fruit is effective for treating female reproductive disorders such as premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and associated cyclic mastalgia (breast pain).

  • Licorice helps manage polycystic ovary syndrome and hirsutism (hair-growth in women).

  • Lutemax® (Lutein and zeaxanthin) helps in the prevention of age-related macular disease, which is a leading cause of blindness and vision impairment.

Bone and Joint Blend

Helps in strengthening bones and joints

An assortment of herbal extracts and amino acids essential for bone and joint health.

  • Cissus, a potent herbal extract, improves the rate of fracture healing and bone mineralization.

  • L-arginine induces production of growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor-I, which support bone formation.

  • Methionine, an essential amino acid, improves cartilage synthesis and is used for the treatment of arthritis.

  • Curcumin reduces pain and inflammation-related symptoms in joints.

To tell you frankly, I did not have a very good immunity before I started taking Truebasics Multivit. Being a blogger requires me to be on my toes. I have a very busy schedule which often results in skipping meals and sleepless nights getting work done. This certainly takes a toll on my body and I often felt weak and fatigue. I would often fall sick . I was loosing the glow I had on my face. I would always experience body pains after a tiring day. I actually noticed a difference after I started taking these vitamins . I felt my stamina is back. I can put more effort in my work. I feel fresh even after a hectic day. I do not experience the body pains anymore. All thanks to Truebasics ,Multivit Women. I would highly recommend this amazing product to all my ladies out there. Stay healthy and stay fit!

I hope you enjoyed today's post. I love you guys. XO.

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